Are you a controller with a degree in higher education or have you undergone commercial training and have professional experience in construction site controlling? If so, you can apply with us as a project controller. If you have the necessary linguistic ability, you can also get started with Cteam as a holding company controller. If you can show that you have several years of experience in controlling in a relevant industry, a position as head of controlling may be possible, depending on requirements.


Your versatility, flexibility and project skills are in demand in our IT department. Our system administrators' tasks include the administration and development of the virtual server environment, storage, networks, clients, and various applications. Are you a computer scientist or an IT specialist with professional experience? Then you are just the person we are looking for, and you can look forward to a wide range of tasks. With an appropriate degree qualification and professional experience in complex IT projects, you can rise to the position of head of IT.


If you have completed your commercial training and have several years' professional experience, you fulfil our requirements for the position of payroll administrator or human resources administrator. If you are interested in being a payroll administrator or head of the human resources department, have completed your degree or business administration qualification and have several years work experience, we would like to get to know you.

Financial accounting

You will find ideal career opportunities as a commercial employee in the financial accounting department at Cteam. If you have commercial training backed up by several years' professional experience, you can work for us a clerical assistant. If you have significantly more experience, you also have the ability to rise to the position of deputy head. The position of head of the financial accounting department is aimed at employees or applicants with intensive professional knowledge, ideally with a university degree or accountancy qualification.


Even as a clerical assistant in the central purchasing department, commercial training and professional experience will put you in great stead for operational activities. This applies in particular to our specialist purchasers, who have already been working in their department for several years and who need to show both technical and commercial skills. With a degree in business administration and many years of relevant working experience, it is possible for you to attain the position of head of purchasing.