temporary access ways 
and construction surfaces

High flexibility thanks to low installation complexity – increased safety through special profiles with increased traction – use of screw joints for enhanced safety.

Mobile site access roads and construction surfaces are installed by a truck-mounted crane. Once laid, the surfaces also serve as entrance ways. Special surface profiles offer increased traction to vehicles and a secure grip to pedestrians. The size and width of the access ways and construction surfaces can be adapted to meet your individual requirements.
High-quality aluminium alloy

3.00 m x 2.42 m x 50 mm
1.50 m x 2.42 m x 50 mm

260 kg/130 kg

Up to 250 t point loads
Our materials permit laying of access ways with widths of 3.0 m, 4.5 m, 6.0 m or more. With a choice of joining options, aluminium panels can be laid with a lateral offset or without connection pieces. Other variations, such as double layer constructions, can be used to further increase the load capacity. Using screw fastenings to mount the panels adds enhanced safety.


  • Construction on terrain
    Construction on terrain
  • Public spaces
    Public spaces

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