conductor installation

Conductor installation is the core activity of overhead line construction and it is where we demonstrate the full breadth of our skills and ability. We have the technical know-how and the machinery for both standard and special conductors.

Our experienced specialists are involved in the consultancy and planning stages of the installation process that precede any complex construction project. We develop anchoring facilities and plan the construction site installation areas together with our engineering department.

When installing conductors, it is important to apply the correct technique. Larger conductor cross-sections required modified machines. Cteam invests regularly in its modern machinery and is capable of the highest tensile stress levels in both single and multiple cable winching.

We have taken established protection procedures and developed them in the interest of protecting conductor crossings. Furthermore, we play a pioneering role in the investigation of the dynamic behaviour of mechanical protection systems.


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    Pylon construction
  • Conductor installation
    Conductor installation
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