Your application folder contains a small number of carefully prepared documents. Of central importance is your CV, which you introduce with a personal letter and which is supported by employers' references. Please ensure that all your documents have been compiled uniformly and are free of errors – an orderly application makes an orderly impression. 

Whether you are a career starter or an experienced professional – we are very aware that you wish to know what happens once you have sent us your application. For this reason, we have compiled a precise run down of the general application process at Cteam – which you can read in the following.

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1. Receipt of your application

Once you have finished compiling your documents, the next step is to send us your application. The fastest and easiest way to apply with us is to use the online application form. However, if you prefer, you may also send us your application by post or e-mail.

2. Confirmation of receipt

Once we have received your application, we will immediately send you a confirmation of receipt. Your application documents will then be carefully examined by our human resources managers and the respective specialist department. If you have aroused our interest, you will receive an invitation for a personal interview.

3. Interview

The interview is an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better and for each of us to get a first impression of the other. If we have the feeling that you would fit in well with us, both from a specialist and a personal point of view, we will send you an acceptance within a short space of time. If we have also made a good impression on you and you feel you would like to begin working for us, we would look forward to receiving due notification from you in response to our offer.


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